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Christmas this year NBA has already ended, which game impressed you? I think you may like me, first knight VS warriors. Have to say, as a priority among priorities this year's Christmas day, the game is really let people see blood boil, what is the perfect interpretation of the match ups and downs! People never thought that the game last season with the finals of the script: Kaili · Erwin lore game! Erwin Zhennai warrior bane! In fact, games are secondary equipment, Jun before the game is most concerned about James will wear the new Nike LeBron 14 appearance?! Now we all know, James did not disappoint, as wearing the latest signature shoes. How to design, regardless of foot feeling, the second half of 2016's most anticipated combat shoes was finally unveiled. Of course, this Christmas day this year in more than 14 of the LeBron double suction eye shoes, if you want to know what kind of shoes just follow me and look down: the Celtics VS Nicks this year Christmas in the first war game, although the game is early but does not interfere with the game highlights, two teams fight to the last moment before a winner! Look at the Nicks team, "Muskmelon" Anthony put on her new signature shoes Jordan M13 Christmas color, but the color seems to itself is not the color of the shoes a fatal blow. Ross to play this game well, compared with the Christmas color M13, Christmas color Rose7 can be used to describe the amazing! Vamp Ambilight, similar to the Wade Road 4 Christmas color. The same Adidas camp Pohl Zingis put on the Christmas color CrazyExplosive Boo Cheap air jordans for sale st, also nice to burst! This wave seems to win adidas. Celtic side, small Thomas on foot Nike Kobe A.D. Christmas color, but the color and color no platinum Christmas in previous years Kobe shoes came Chutiao can say quite satisfactory. Also worth mentioning is the "nine dunk king" Green appears on the Chatra · the 5 foot Wade road? warrior VS Knights of this game, is undoubtedly the highlight of today! The two teams in the finals last season, meet again, the results and the process is well known. Erwin once again ended the warriors! The Cavaliers, James on foot not officially released Nike LeBron 14, LeBron 14 of the time and again and she appeared in the Christmas court. The first feeling is the increase of the binding equipment Jun KD9, do not know how to see? Erwin in the game wearing two different colors of Nike Kyrie 3, respectively is the "Christmas" and "samurai" color color. It is worth noting that the "samurai" color of the vamp and no other version of the vamp particles, felt shoes equipment jundun texture has improved, suddenly want to buy a pair of ~ and Shannon Potter on foot Nike Air Foamposite On〉 today is Saturday, there are 3 models of a topic of the new Sneaker on sale, add a lot of anticipation for the summer weekend! -- the most popular CLOT x NikeLab Air VaporMax is of course! JUICE yesterday afternoon announced the cancellation of the original plan in the store on sale, all to the official website for sale, and today at 12 noon is also scheduled on the shelves. don't know if you buy, anyway, is not to cheap foamposites for sale buy small... a "biochemical crisis" as the theme, the red Flyknit woven shoes, VaporMax cushion the same red collocation, bright and full sense of science and technology, on foot can instantly become the focus of audience! big eyes sock shoe has finally officially landed in Chinese district! Bring the fusion of high street temperament and personality style of visual technology. This pair of Nike Flight Bonafide "Military Blue" by the Zoom Flight 95 big eyes for the sole support lining, Flyknit woven socks overshoes is the best body highlight fashion temperament! In high socks shoes popular today, Flight Bonafide will undoubtedly inject strong elements! the price is $1099 RMB, has now landed Nike official website China,. Air Jordan 13 "History of Flight" for the first time the HOF family investment market! Also chose the highly popular Air Jordan 13! white line of vision, weaving decorated with black and red, white shoes love friend, I am afraid it is difficult to resist! At present, men and women shall have Nike Chinese on official website, click to view: MEN/BG guess Xiaobian today bought double!0.jpg (199.39 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-4 15:10 upload style number: 642198-301 1.jpg (172.71 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-4 15:10 upload style number: 642198-004 2.jpg (172.24 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-4 15:10 upload style number: 642198-401 1_201007290144108AZF4.jpg (64.82 KB, download numbe Cheap foamposites for sale r: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-29 08:44 upload The 1_201007290144109UUgk.jpg (70.8 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-29 08:44 upload 1_2010072901441046mwl.jpg (57.31 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-29 08:44 upload 1_201007290144105V1u8.jpg (75.68 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-29 08:44 upload 1_201007290144102SIxS.jpg (50.81 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-29 08:44 upload 1_201007290144101cT04.jpg (41.64 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-29 08:44 upload 1_201007290144103v13u.jpg (53.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-29 08:44 upload 1_201007〉NBA live 15 this game has been released for a period of time, this from expanding. One of the duo Damien & middot; Lillard endorsement of the game is the NBA Live 20th anniversary version. Overwhelmed, Internet is also exposed the renderings of many classic shoes, not only color of the popular shoes FoamPosite one, star signature series of Air Jordan XX9, J wall 1, and Kobe IX series of two shoe money is impressively in the column. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: sneakernewsas Brand Jordan's a no cheap air jordans online n professional basketball shoes, Spiz Ike 'Jordan shoes in a great sense is to pay tribute to Lee Spike. Shoes in the design of the integration of a variety of Jordan Air series of the aesthetic essence, since its launch, has been sought after by many sneakerheads. Recently, it seems that people gradually fade out of sight Spiz Ike 'Jordan with a new color back to the public view. Green blue become overwhelmed by the design of the main visual color, tie-in pink ink jet and tongue, sporty trend; and shoes sign the burst patterns to shoes, the main body of color and light gray combination, become the crowning touch to the whole design. Jordan Spiz 'Ike new color will be on October 15 in including sneaker politics, designated global shop on sale, priced at $175 A. number: 315371-407release date: October 15th price: $175 we made the news, never care about what you do not see finished, there is also a WeChat micro-blog, search dunkhome, shoes news anytime, anywhere. source: hypebeastadidas last year and wish cooperation launched the SL loop runner don't note color design "independent currency", to the greenback pattern embroidered uppers and a left deep impression, and this season brand for shoes added their own design a new color, light gray suede and white nylon stitching uppers, foil the shoes to the details of the blue and red dotted with a simple beauty. Shoes are now available in the KITH sale. When the guest shoes identification of the hot line, to support the fight against fake ma!! Immediately download and install APP-- when the passenger grab shoe a cheap jordans rtifact artifact!! WeChat search for "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number lower right corner you can download and install!! Source: HBmade public expectations of the Christo visvim x CLOT Royale last week, following the introduction of the yellow, resulting in scenes Juice shop downstairs million empty volumes, circles influx of people eager to snap up a good heart. Last buy friends does not matter, CLOT will be July 11 to re-introduce the blue version, even with Chinese silk embroidered cloth taste CLOT under blue backdrop, it is an embroidery pattern. Coupled with Visvim Christo provide shoes, the 2008 trend of the sector's top ten must buy item! & nbsp; & nbsp; selling rules are as follows: 1. chits time is 10:00 in the morning. Please line up the waterfront direction. 2. balloting time is 10:30 am. 3. Foreign ballot results will be announced immediately. 4. Instant trafficking will be announced later. 5. any dispute, CLOT and JUICE several maximum rights reserved. Wade road 3" screws & quot; color inspiration from Lei Feng screw nail spirit, color still choose has the bright Chinese characteristic of Chinese red, 3 generation type dazzle inspiration with Wade, showing a strong visual impact, highlighting the boots is unique. Shading; perfect combination of TPU plate spring rebound; upper fabric made of nylon cloth, sure the upper package and enhance permeability, more lightweight forefoot Bounse/ of science and technology, the motion process of the power to the buffer effect at the same time, the occurrence of force feedba new jordans shoes for sale ck for the players to bring new experience; midfoot carbon fiber & amp; the outer door cover, a sufficient amount of carbon plate better support before and after the palmar surface and TPU for sole brings stable supporting effect heel cushion cushioning technology, movement take-off landing buffer role for your feet, good protective effect, translucent rubber outsole combined w, the pursuit of new visual effects at the same time, increase the sole wear and friction. The number of ABAJ013-37, the price of 1099, is now on sale. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Immediately search Apple App store to download and install the artifact APP-- artifact when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", micro-blog search "when the guest"!! source: Lining& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network March 25 hearing, Li Ning (28.75,1.30,4.74%, the economy through real-time quotes) and multinational companies in the competition, offense and defense, staged an indigenous innovation ultimate PK tournament, there is local wisdom, there are local weakness & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I did not see, but I have no doubt that Li Ning Zhang Zhiyong, CEO and company certainly thrills - Li Ning beyond. Adidas. After all, this is the brooding presence of Mr. Li Ning - Ning has been China's sporting goods market leader until 2003 for the first time was more than Nike, Adidas in 2004 has been exceeded. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; results, Li Ning, the company's core brand, "Li Ning" 2009 sales growth of 21.1% over 2008 to 7.69 billion yuan, 91.7% of total sales. 2009 Adidas's sales in the mainland about 70 billion yuan, ranking third; Anta turnover of 5.875 billion yuan, ranked fourth, Pick a turnover of 3.095 billion yuan, temporarily fifth. Nike is still champion, and specific sales did not come out, but professional analysis, Nike and Li Ning, the gap should be minimal. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; behind surpass Adidas, Li Ning, the surface is a local company staged Jedi story, this story is not uncommon now, but I am more concerned that Li Ning The innovation effort. It is in competition with multinational companies, offense and defense, staged an indigenous innovation ultimate PK tournament, there is local wisdom, there are local weakness. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The first is design innovation, Li Ning can play a high score. In 2009, Li Ning's "Interfax", "ring" basketball shoes and "Tai Chi" soccer shoes while China won the 2009 IF Design Award. It also represents several award-winning products designed innovative direction of Li Ning, a key word is "Chinese elements", banner design is the "Interfax", "Tai Chi" and so on. Although many companies are actively tap the Chinese elements, but like Li Ning is so integrated into the design of DNA, and the feeling of playing a heartbeat, and rare. One year, Li Ning basketball shoes Banpo a design inspiration actually comes from the famous Yangshao Banpo pottery, as well as a year fly a basketball shoe, the use of Chinese ancient armor and tripods structure, tread groove then draws design of ancient bronzes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Another key word is "science." Whether it is "Li Ning bow" shock absorber technology platform, AT apparel technology platform, or sports science research center, under the support of this technology strategy, Li Ning was launched a lot of "technology" products, such as Sun Jing Yi designed "catlike 5 generations X-claw cross-country running shoes, "Zheng first designed" ring G-Shark basketball shoes. " The most significant is the breakthrough, Li Ning even use this trick for strategic offensive - to build the Li Ning brand badminton professional equipment. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; followed by the brand innovation, which can be considered the passing score. Only from sponsorship, endorsements and other aspects, there are Shaquille O'Neal, lindane, Yelena Isinbayeva and other Reggie to help out, it looks arrogant. But in essence, the Li Ning brand strategy still uses a follower of ideas, and Nike, Adidas similar "pyramid marketing" strategy. They all follow the logic of such brands, top professional events, star athletes, the middle is the professional, amateur athletes, the bottom is the mass of consumers. For example, in 2009, Li Ning brand strategy has two big, one is signed Yueyixinba Isinbayeva, a force is badminton. Its core purpose is through the top athletes, professional equipment for the "pyramid" to increase weight. But innovation perspective, the front's answer in this way, is still under the rules of the game to force others. On the Chinese battlefield, Li Ning, why can not rebuild the rules of the game, KAPPA is to take the "inverted pyramid" model to break the rules of the game. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The third is the future level of innovation, which can be considered failing grades. Samsung once the future of innovation called "seed business", which is 5 to 10 years can make a profit cause. Sports Consumption in China is concerned, the future of seed is the "fashion." In September 2009, Morgan Stanley consumer survey cities of China 1-3 line display, fashion sense and movement effect of the product are the two main incentives influence consumer purchase decisions, and "fashion sense" action over " exercise effect. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the sight pulled a few years ago, back in 2003, Adidas and designer Yohji Yamamoto to launch a dedicated brand Y-3. Li Ning as early as 2007 started the fashion strategy, then dug a music Shu Yu airborne, but because of a clash of cultures, she resigned a year later, this strategy also suffered gap period. January 2010, Li Ning released a sports fashion brand LNG, but this time, the sports fashion battle has intensified, even bred a market capitalization of 30 billion company. Unfortunately, Li Ning This deep understanding of local companies, which is kind of hard to explain questions like - Why are not the first to launch a netbook Lenovo. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for local innovation benchmarking company Li Ning, after surpass Adidas, become Chinese sports brand a brother, it does not seem difficult. Its future, to become the world's top five sports brands, the road is still long, and only rely on innovation, more subversive level of innovation!