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Air Max 95 OG To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Air Max 95 was born, the two known anatomical works and artists were commissioned to show the classic shoes and new shoes recently released by hand-painted. Although they are constituted by the human skeleton and flesh, but the final visual effect is to show the story of the shoes design inspiration. Air Max 95 OG and Ultra Jacquard by the Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D depicts (left) Air Max 95 Ultra from the Katie & middot; Scott depicts (left) Not long ago, depicting Air Max 95 OG and Ultra Jacquard Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D (Andy Van Dinh) and depicts Air Max 95 Ultra Katie & middot; Scott (Katie Scott) recalls the project as well as their feelings about this shoe, and human reason that fascinated them why. When did you realize that art is your mission? Andy & middot; Fan & middot; MARTIN: I have been painting, making things. However, I did not see this as a legitimate career option. In the first two years of college, I majored in biology and mathematics. My initial plan was to become a doctor, but I do not like it. Very Fortunately, I took painting lessons. On the first section after school finished, I decided to change my profession. I began to take seriously the art from that time, at that time I also know that I want to keep doing it. Katie & middot; Scott: small, I was forced to draw. Very Fortunately, after adulthood also maintained a desire for painting. In school, you really can learn to only art and graphic design, which I like, but are not particularly fond of. Until you find the illustration of the world, I was suddenly. Human Anatomy plays a huge role in your painting. What attracted you? Andy & middot; Fan & middot; Ding in his studio Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D: By isolating a single organ, let me take advantage of little Cheap foamposites for sale things to show big ideas. Each organ represents the entire body, as well as part of the story of humanity, it is through deep internal and external cross-sectional analysis of a method. Surprisingly, I like to treat external things as to render these internal organs, showing something deeper, they can piece together a complete human being. Katie & middot; Scott: I love the details of anatomy, symmetry and structure. Similarly, I history and our understanding of the anatomy of interest in his body during the twists and turns the story. Particularly attracted some of the oldest and imaginative theory. Those theory is that the human body is full of bile and water, while the organ is free to roam inside the trunk. Many of my works are based on the anatomy of these early science fantasy imagination. What is your main source of inspiration? Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D: In general, I was inspired by my half asleep when I, when my thoughts may be impractical or inconsistent. I like to try and take advantage of vague idea, until they become meaningful. Most of my inspiration comes from making things, and clearly understand how they are interacting. Katie & middot; Scott: I was inspired by a number of other artists, such as Ernst & middot; Haeckel (Ernst Haeckel), Cornelius & middot; Germany & middot; Witt (Cornelius de Witt ) and the Albert & middot; Seba (Albertus Seba). Each of them has a very different but beautiful way to capture nature. In addition, botany big impact on me, I never stopped to admire the plant kingdom. This project requires you to live the way reinterpret Air Max 95. Originally how you think? Andy & middot; Fan & middot; MARTIN: I want the audience to understand the stratification which shoes and the corresponding parts of the body. Again, I would like to explain Sergio & middot; Lozano (Sergio Lozano) is cheap air jordans online how to determine the type of shoes and shoes constructed by human anatomy. Overall, I think it is the human body's cohesion and combination, each covered but revealing the layer below. My initial idea was, because I reinterpret the work of others, we can not live up to the original designer. Katie & middot; Scott in her studio & nbsp; Katie & middot; Scott: I'm glad they brought me the book project, write me want to write. This is what I was interested in the project and themes. I also love the shoes to understand the design process. Nike Sportswear Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard and female models Nike Air Max 95 Ultra sneakers will be held July 16 at the Nike sports and selected retail outlets for sale. Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D From Calgary, Alberta artist Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D & nbsp; 2012, graduated from the Fine Arts degree from the University of Calgary. The main focus on painting, Andy & middot; Fan & middot; Ding learned his work focuses on human anatomy and his unique ability to impart a deeper meaning in his work. In August 2015, Andy & middot; Fan & middot; Ding will attend Hunter College in New York to get his graduate degree. Katie & middot; Scott 2011 years, Katie & middot; Scott graduated from the University of Brighton, as Londoners Katie & middot; Scott, her thin hand-painted watercolor works and digital works can be in a variety of decorative poster on the label, newspapers and wallpaper were found. She focuses on the natural world and promote the publication of her first book, paleontology, was hailed as the 2014 Sunday Times children's books. inspiration from Nike MAG HyperDunk 2015 released in January since the continuation of the color series of traditional, there are ten several color shelves in succession; and overwhelmed bring a "Bruce Lee" color design, the la Retro jordans for sale yout of the tricolor Huang Heihong perfect echo brand classic theme -- "Bruce Lee"; it is reported that the color has landed the Chinese version of the sale, No. 749561-806. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!Jordan brand discloses the new color? Air Jordan 1 Retro '86, the second half of the shoe body and the collocation of white and orange Logo Air followed by Jordan 2 features, the effect is quite fresh and suitable for summer, part of the vamp uses to create snakeskin pattern also let the suction eye and enhance the degree of not less, this will in the area of foreign official release in June 21st. news source: wishatl?The official NIKE days before announced the Nike Flyknit Air Max in the spring of next year six color preview, Flyknit Air Max with yarn woven into the upper creates more possibilities in the color change, each with at least two colors to create a strong visual sense effect, with unique color collocation technology developed by the gradual layer double color NIKE with the air cushion, build two cutting-edge technology Nike Flyknit Air Max is not only the performance enhancement, the color is unlimited potential. Abroad has been the first sale, a male's color, can not wait to try to friends can be purchased, sold for $225, the Taiwan area is expected in January 3rd next year after listing, priced at 6900 yuan. source: NIKE, Inc. read February of this year's ASICS Tiger had launched Gel Lyte V 'Carbon Grey Pack' in 90s, the outdoor color into shoes, and then carry on this theme, similar to cheap jordans for sale the Gel Lyte V for two pairs of characters, and color adjustment, smart lake blue and pink salmon is decorated, with front light back, deep color, create a level of contour is three equal, and the design methods similar to 90s. ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte V Outdoor series again and launched, blue, pink and blue models respectively? H725L-8329 and? H725L-7649, currently available in? 43einhalb and other foreign dealers purchase, Taiwan can pay attention to ASICS Tiger official mall?. source: 43einhalb to Adidas X of the marine conservation Parley running shoes once again launched a new style, earlier listed blue is inspired with the sea, this time in order to coral reef bleaching issues, generally coral mostly bright colors, which is derived from the symbiotic algae surface, and when the water environment pollution, the temperature is too high, resulting in insufficient light water turbidity, algae will leave the remaining gray coral bleaching, can be said to be a warning, including Taiwan has many sea coral reefs are facing this crisis. Therefore, Adidas x Parley uses the light white system in particular to highlight this ecological catastrophe, as well as a white flag of peace, hoping that people will face up to the problems concerned and maintain the sea that breeds everything. The UltraBOOST, UltraBOOST X and UltraBOOST Uncaged in the United States in the World Oceans Day June 8th (World Oceans Day) on the day of the first sale, subsequent June 28th landing of the global designated shops and adidas x Parley continue to use recycled plastic products manufacturing sports related content for each, if interested can refer to the station for the first time in the series of reports, this time more shoes are embedded in the NFC chip, so that consumers can learn more about this environmental protection project. The two p cheap jordans arties will jointly in the world ocean day week (6/5~11) at 'Parley Run' activities, invite people around the world together through the running of cohesion support volume, relevant information for each registered can go to understand. source: adidas began in the United States? Commonwealth shop, orientation style bias sub culture, Muse from society, and fight rebel success recently, store development to Philippines Hongtu? Kalinga region, particularly the ASICS Tiger Commonwealth? GEL-Lyte? V and Kalinga shoes, to the traditional custom of tattoo? As the inspiration to this is a joint work. Commonwealth x ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte V 'KULTURA' will be available on Commonwealth's official website in April 7th and sold at designated stores around the world in April 14th. The Kalinga is located in the north of Philippines, although due to geographical location and isolation, but also by Spain, the United States, before and after the Japanese colonial rule, but a tenacious Kalinga still in the war have their own culture, so the national spirit is yearning for Commonwealth?. As for the tattoo in the male and female body each have different meanings, boys are records of the heroic deeds; the girl is beautiful, a symbol of wisdom, usually with patterns of their surroundings as reference, may be the ridge, ladder or scorpion. With this joint proposal, we also take a look at these rich, traditional local cultures. source: Commonwealth / Haute Culture ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 days before finally in the flagship store first appeared, in addition to our days before the specials, the official earlier published analysis of shoes key performance of the film, let them know more about this pair of ASICS's new flagship suspension is how to operate. v=VJa0jxmpyFQASICS GEL-QUANTUM 360 - 7/21 has be jordans for sale en listed on the Listing Date: - official price: NT$5980 source: ASICSadidas D Rose 6 Boost officially released after the style of exposure as a direct bamboo shoots after a spring rain, Lenovo to Chicago red shoes real clear photo shoot in recent days, rich individuals with Rose saturated upper Logo like Buddha is about to bloom the real rose, don't know why the design concept of this version, and Rose and in what occasion it is for the start of the season by the roses as we announced. source: @weocia entered the daily life from sport, use and role in the transition stage of shoes may have changed, but the function of nature to bring people comfortable and convenient still does not change, but the outcome and we remove the burden in another relationship, that is going to accompany. A lot of designers or fashion designers, not just because they saw creative sparks from many of the styles that were originally used by professional athletes, so they put new water into their clothes? This is to talk about these you hate the shoe to a pair of collocation st.goods, in another aspect in the movement of the highlights of their right, maybe you can also add your own collocation some day in the future new members from their own rotating clothing or shoes movement to find. Nike Air Huarache Runner Air Huarache Runner is said to one of the hottest shoes in recent years is not too much, but when this pair of Tinker Hatfield shoes with rubber material skis fixed feet when the work is not to be optimistic about the brand of inspiration, but the production of 5000 with the New York marathon to try to sell just three days sold out record for this a pair of shoes to go into production, after a year under another sold more than five hundred thousand double performance, this seems to have foreseen the charm now with another type of explosion of red in the future. The seems sandal structure is to long distance runners of lightweight shoes and the coating requirements and confirms the development of athletes and shoes always have close relationship, but on the other hand also shows good ideas and universally applicable truth, it seems so far is still very interesting structure that can increase the sense of hierarchy in the outfit, and ankle basket empty let leg line looks more slender, Park Hae Jin appeared at the airport with original color and fashion collocation do demonstration, let the shoe features at a glance, now Air Huarache Runner believes in the streets of the visibility is as the designer had also started Tinker unexpected. adidas Superstar 1969 by Adidas founder Adi Dassler developed Superstar basketball shoes first appeared, more than 75% American NBA players were just a few years in Superstar, including basketball superstar immortal Jabba (Kareem Abdul Jabbar). Since then, Superstar instantly spread to basketball courts in the streets and lanes, and its originality breeds the style of teenagers in the middle and late 80s. has the classic shell toe and clear three lines and the tongue has become an important symbol of the street markers of popular culture, but the original shell head (Shell Toe) is designed to provide a complete protection structure in the game to appear, and recently you chase gold 〉previously opened Dunk Hi Premium White Pack caused by all shoe fans bursts of wonderment, no one feel Nike for the exquisite details of the shoes feel overwhelmed. This time, Nike Sportswear released a new style, Dunk Hi Premium, as a whole, with the previously open Dunk Hi Premium White Pack has a similar design. The only color in dark blue tone, in the light of leather surface with the details of the design and its grasping wrinkle, transparent bottom / outsole design is addictive, besides in the transparent outer under still design a totem similar to fingerprints. The Dunk Hi Premium is expected in May in the global Nike, Sportswear stores, shelves, sales, friends who want to start, then have to pay more attention. JBFCustoms classic Snake element modification unit, Jay-Z and other hip-hop singer with the snakeskin hat from the JBF version of Snapback is sent to the studio was born, and what we see today is the new adidas Pro Model using the concept of French veteran Balmain Balmain cowboy clothing inspiration modification, jeans fold design value of one thousand pounds off feeling wrapped in the Adidas Pro Model shoes, and this weekend will be on the shelves in JBF shop on sale. 2012-11-22 09:07 upload and download attachments (199.03 KB) 2012-11-22 09:07 upload download attachment (161.68, KB) 2012-11-22 09:07 upload download attachment (191.32, KB) 2012-11-22 09:07 upload download attachment (165.46, KB) 2012-11-22 09:07 upload download attachment (182.58, KB) Cameron Anthony Muskmelon in the NBA athletic field is the tenth year, and his first pair of boots Jordan signature Melo 1.5 will usher in the next year 10th anniversary. related information:Jordan Melo 1.5 #RiseToTheMomentBrand launch for different places, do not note the theme of the product is definitely not new, such as the pair at the moment, by Adidas Originals flagship design for the year, X FLUX launched Shanghai theme color is the latest example. The ZX FLUX uses the aerial view of Shanghai from the sky as a shoe body design and creates a unique charm of old Shanghai with a wine red filter. In addition, the buckle on the shoelace is more written with Shanghai, which highlights the theme. The shoes will be sold exclusively in July 25th at the brand Shanghai concept store in the form of limited 150 pairs. 0.jpg (450.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-22 upload at 15:40 1.jpg (319.38 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-22 upload at 15:40Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Fila M-Squad Author: sneakers@cn color TMNT uploaded to the 2014-7-30 19:50:56 recommended reading: 272: 0: 0: reply SNK shoes information classificationtextile and apparel industry is one of Thailand's export-oriented industries, covering all aspects of the whole industry chain to garment production from the fiber, and from the end of 2013, Thailand began a political issue, the Thailand Industrial Institute believes that the political problems persist in Thailand domestic consumption slowdown, small and medium-sized enterprises suffered liquidity lack in business the problem. In 2013, Thailand clothing, clothing, footwear, textiles, household goods and other enterprises significantly reduced production. (Editor: afnhk)puma-2014-disc-cage-leather-lux-opt-2-1.jpg (126.65 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 15:06 upload PUMA MMQ puma-2014-disc-cage-leather-lux-opt-2-2.jpg (158.33 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 15:06 upload puma-2014-disc-cage-leather-lux-opt-2-3.jpg (133.8 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-12 15:06 upload 201400 in the game yesterday the thunder against the nets, although Durant due to injury sidelined, thunder also lost a large margin, but my KD KD VII of foot color "on the road" can be said to is the color appeared in the NBA for the first time. A protective foot shoes styling is quite dramatic, KD also couldn't help dancing, in three as a warm-up before the test. we only to have the news, we are approximately spherical artifact, micro channel attention "DUNKHOME and slams the service number left angle about? Brother? source: sneakernews